Robin Cunninghame Graham

Robin Cunninghame Graham –The Idiot Son?

Firstly, who is W R B Cunninghame Graham MSc MA FSA Scot?

Robin Cunningham Graham, posts on the website as the administrator Inchtalla. Indeed he has lent his support to a number of strange campaigns in recent years. He is an unemployed, some say unemployable, English teacher living in Castilla y Leon, Segovia, Spain with his second wife, MarĂ­a Fuencisla Cuerdo Astorga. When you are down on your luck, a second marriage into a family with money is a well tested route to survival.

Surprisingly the MSc and MA are genuine qualifications, though from second rate institutions, dearly bought by a desperate family who resorted to a private education and tutors. However the pretentious “FSA Scot” simply signifies that Robin has paid £30 annually to become a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. The use of bogus post-nominal initials and a fake laird title marks Robin out as very insecure. His chosen career confirms other reports from those who know him that Robin lacks ambition and intellect. Think Hugh Laurie, playing Lieutenant George in Blackadder Goes Forth. The inane grin. The prominent Adam’s Apply. But none of the personality.

Whilst many have described Robin as an “insecure loser” this is to forget that he is not simply inadequate, but unpleasant in a bitter and twisted way. Childhood difficulties may have helped establish his adult problems. A school friend is quoted as saying of Robin in a biographical review "Robin was always prey to older boys; particularly bullies". His adult life has been destroyed by a failed career in teaching, children with equally failed careers, a failed marriage, now dissolved and a second going the same way. But most significant is his failure to be viewed as credible, even amongst the clan system that he has attempted to infiltrate. When he did teach, Robin expressed a preference for teaching young children because they challenge his authority less and are more “fun“. Perhaps the most polite description of Robin would be that he is a non-entity who likes children.

The Wanking Laird of Gartmore
Robin has an American mother and although he has lived in the USA, he now lives in Spain with his Spanish second wife. He would desperately like to become an important member of the Scottish diaspora and laird of Gartmore like his famous ancestor, Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, and he has now acted on his hopeless ambition to become the Chief of Clan Cunningham, to the distress of the clan. As a member of the Council of Scottish Armigerous Clans And Families (it just means he bought Arms), he bluffs that he is the rightful Chief. Unfortunately for him nobody else agrees.

Unable to claim the Earldom of Glencairn (he has doctored the relevant Wikipedia entry to say that it should be his), or have any legitimate claim to the lairdship of Gartmore, not actually owning Gartmore, his son bought Robin a square foot of Scotland as a wedding present. A long time friend, from Public School days, has also bought him a tiny plot of land at Dunans castle. This enables Robin to at least claim to be a Laird of Glencairn and a Laird of Dunans. We think it just makes him look like a sad loser.

The opinions of this non-entity litter the internet, supporting this and attacking that. Our advice is to take any and all of his self serving opinions with a liberal pinch of salt.

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