Sir John Montgomery Cunningham Bt of Corsehill

Our new clan chief is also the rightful Earl of Glencairn although he has never officially petitioned the House of Lords.

The arms of the Earls of Glencairn along with the estates and lordships were passed by strict entail of the 12th Earl of Glencairn to the "heirs male of her own body" of his eldest daughter, Lady Margaret Cunningham, wife of Nicol Graham of Gartmore and to their line should his male heir line fail, which it did upon the death of the 15th Earl of Glencairn in 1796.

It is generally acknowledged that pursuant to the Entail Act 1685, under the terms of the 1709 entail of William, Earl of Glencairn, by which the Finlaystone Estates along with the undifferenced arms of the Earls passed to Cunninghame Graham of Gartmore and Ardoch, that they have a rightful claim to the dignity.

It was by no means certain that Sir John could be persuaded to stand for clan chief, but the rumours that phony laird William Cunninghame Graham of Segovia might stand was so upsetting to the clan that he was prevailed upon to assume his rightful place. Unfortunately Mr Graham promptly petitioned Lord Lyon, forcing Lyon to make a formal selection.

This stern rebuke by Lord Lyon against Cunninghame Graham was handed down at the end of 2013. Nobody is permitted under Scots law to falsely claim to be a clan chief.

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